Tuesday Takeaway! Lifeskill - how to renew your license plates or transfer a title for your car & pay sales tax! Thanks so much Jen Kuhl, 3rd generation owner of Klasing License for teaching the team this valuable skill, especially as many head off to college, you may have saved them a ticket!

Jen shared the challenges of working for the State of Illinois and the obstacles she overcomes. She also shared the need for non-traditional hours to service her clients and how they partner with local businesses.

Always dress and act professionally, even if you don't think people are watching, it will affect how they respond to you. Communication is key, listen to your clients, be patient and do your best to help them, they don't know what they don't know and many of her clients are utilizing her services for the first time. So skip the DMV lines and visit Klasing Title for all your licensing needs!

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Clinton County IL CEO Calendar